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firma famiglia scotto

Producing wine for our family means making exclusively selected crops and hectare productions that are always very limited in suitable land. Today our company has 40 hectares of vineyards including Sangiovese – Morellino, Vermentino, Ansonica, Alicante, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, for an annual production of 160,000 bottles; our goal is to get to bottle everything that our vineyards produce, to maintain a high quality standard of the product, a capillary control and direct on all stages of production from the vineyard to the bottle, and preserve what are the origins, the nature and the cardinal principles on which we were born, grew up and today we are based, all combining cutting-edge production techniques.


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The history of our family in the world of 1898, with the first purchase and sale documents of grapes from the historic vineyard, still in production today, on Monte Argentario. Purpose have produced grapes, intended for sale; only in 1980 the great passion and tenacity of our father Luciano brought the first harvest in the bottle: this is where the Santa Lucia company was born.

OUR CELLAR: a story to tell

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The history of our family, and of the activity that still preserves it, dates back to 1886, when Giuseppe Scotto bought his first land in San Potenziana in the town of Monte Argentario. Mr. Giuseppe decided to plant here the first grape vines of Ansonica grapes, thus creating a vineyard that still today, after five generations, our family continues to cultivate. Today, as before, the company’s work on Monte Argentario takes place strictly by hand, due to the steep terrain, dry walls and many places with no roads.Our first grapes were then vinified by Giuseppe, called “Il Moro”, and then his son Salvatore, known as “Tore del Moro”, who together with his three sons and a daughter, carried on the activity until 1956 In the same year the oldest son, Nicola, came to live in the current headquarters of the company, and immediately began to plant his vineyard here. In 1977 Nicola’s son, Luciano, started the modernization of the company’s viticulture and, in 1981, with the help of an oenologist, he began selling bottled wine with a label to restaurants. Luciano’s passion for wine has attracted over the years the interest of his first son Lorenzo, the current winemaker of the company, and his younger brother Luca, a graduate in Economics and management of small and medium-sized companies: together they have formed a great team. The company’s growth certainly took place in 2008, when construction work began on the new winery in Località Collecchio, in the municipality of Magliano in Tuscany. In addition to the winery and its wines, the Scotto brothers manage, with the help of their mother Tosca, a Bed & Breakfast style farmhouse.


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The Santa Lucia Farm has produced for many generations high quality wines, coming from the precious native grapes like Vermentino and Ansonica for whites, Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Alicante for what concerns the reds. Producing wine with our company philosophy means gathering only in suitable land, such as:

  • the Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario
  • the different types of D.O.C Maremma Toscana
  • the D.O.C.G. wine Morellino di Scansano Tore del Moro
  • the I.G.T. Maremma Tuscany Betto
tore del moro morellino di scansano
Tore del Moro DOCG
Morellino di Scansano DOCG

The black cherry, the currant, the great consistency and the excellent integrity make this 100% Sangiovese a great glass for every day, ideal with appetizers and first courses of meat. Maximum expression of the Maremma.

brigante vermentino
Maremma Toscana Vermentino DOC

Of exuberant density and softness, the fruity notes stand out sharply from this glass characterized by great balance and integrity. It is perfect for an aperitif and goes well with first courses of fish and romantic dinners. This Vermentino is part, together with Ansonica, of the first harvest of 1980 with which the company began and is pride of many awards. To date it is by far the best selling wine of the Santa Lucia brand.

A luciano Morellino di scansano
A’ Luciano
Morellino di Scansano DOCG

The fruit of its aromas, its ease of drinking and the excellent balance make this Morellino di Scansano a pleasant glass for every day, ideal with appetizers and first courses of meat. It is the wine that celebrates the memory and love of us children for our father Luciano, founder of the company.

AGRITOURISM SANTA LUCIA: Relax, art and nature

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A stay in our farm is ideal to rediscover the contact with nature, with the countryside, with the traditions of the past and to enjoy moments of relaxation discovering the artistic and natural beauty that the Maremma Tuscany has always offered its visitors. Surrounded by the wild nature of the Maremma Natural Park, a few steps from the beautiful sea of ​​Talamone and not far from the Terme di Saturnia, a holiday in our farm means a holiday for everyone: families with children, lovers of local traditions, gourmets to discover of typical flavors, lovers of quiet life and for those looking for an alternative to daily habits.


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