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Monte Argentario's Farm

Relax, Art e Nature

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A small and characteristic farm in Monte Argentario where we have one of our best vineyards (from which we produce precious Ansonica for our DOC Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario “Santa Lucia”). The farm is a two-room apartment with bathroom and balcony from which you will admire Porto Ercole, the Feniglia beach, The Cala Galera harbour and the Tyrrhenian sea. Here you will find peace and relax in an uncontaminated environment where the Argentario nature will be the soundtrack for your holiday in front of a panorama without parallel. It is situated 300 metres a.s.l. and a road under the shade of a Mediterranean wood links it to Porto Ercole.
In front of you only centuries old Ansonica vineyards in terraces with dry stone walls. A special and unique place that you will never forget.

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In front you will find the ancient vineyards of Ansonica grapes cultivated in terraces built with dry stone walls.

A special place that you will not forget easily.