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The new Cellar

a project that becomes reality

separatore uva

Our family’s dream of building a new cellar began many years ago. We wanted a place which could welcome perfectly the result of one year of work in the fields, in the vineyards, in vines. In 1999 the first project was submitted to the authorities; from that moment on the family started a long way to make Luciano’s, Lorenzo’s and afterwards Luca’s dreams come true. In 2008 they started building the new cellar and the work went on with its ups and downs… the path to reach the top of the mountain is long and hard, but the company and its intrepid climbers has decided to follow it, sometimes running and other times stopping to take a breath. So one year after the picture you can see above, we reached the following status of works…
We entered 2009 and the work went on, the company wanted to do the harvesting and the wine making phase in the new cellar from 2010, thanks to many efforts, lots of sacrifice and the will of completing the project quickly in August 2010 the wine making areas of the cellar were ready, finally the new cellar was done, the harvesting period was near and soon the aroma of the mash will cover the smell of new which characterised this huge building ready to welcome the 2010 grapes.
Santa Lucia was finally ready to take its first harvest in the new cellar…2010 harvest! The highly awaited day has come, 2010 vinification will be surely of a higher quality than the years before because of the new techniques and equipment and thanks to the new building ready to welcome perfectly the efforts of a whole year. One of the objectives of the new plant was exactly the quality improvement of the production chain, which has a fundamental role in making high quality wines like the ones that Santa Lucia wants to produce every year.

nuova cantina
separatore uva

Santa Lucia is located in a hill, the facility is designed to be functional, practical, and energy efficient. In the summer of 2010 the completion of our new winemaking facility will feature many high-tech attributes. The winery at Santa Lucia is a modern building: as a result our architect designed an attractive, yet functional winery that does not detract from the stunning nature of Maremma. The driving force at Santa Lucia is to preserve the beauty of the surroundings and to impact that natural beauty as little as possible. The winery is almost entirely underground.  This results in less impact on the landscape and less energy is required to manage temperatures. With it’s tall rooftop to watch over the surrounding vineyards, and big windows to enjoy the beautiful views, the winery nestles comfortably in its own private valley surrounded by olive tree and rolling vineyards. The Santa Lucia building also houses our tasting room on the second/third floor of the winery building over the fermentation room. Our winery is divided into large areas dedicated to receiving and selecting grapes, fermentation, aging in oak barrels or concrete tanks and, lastly, aging in bottles. Each area has its ownspecific temperature and humidity controls, in order to optimise each stage of the production process. Each zone is also located on a different level. The fermentation tank room (in the winery) and Barrel storage areas are temperature controlled by the PLC control panel. This system can be controlled and monitored from a computer in the maintenance department. The barrel cellar sits directly beneath the fermentation room. It is filled with French and American oak barrels in their first-year, stacked just one-level high to allow unrestricted access.