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This is our version of ​​Viognier, a vine that fascinated us and to which we wanted to uncover an extra nicety. The name, 264, comes from the number of our registered and historic administrative headquarters, where Santa Lucia and our family’s roots have originated since the mid-1950s, and where today you can find the vineyards that give life to this exquisite wine.
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Fruity and floral with mineral and honey notes.

To the palate it can be summed up in three words, rich, savoury and lingering.


Area of ​​origin: the vineyards are located on flat terrain within our historic company headquarters near Fonteblanda, facing the Natural Park of Maremma.

Type of farming: the vineyards are raised using the Guyot system in moderately loose-packed soil, devoid of skeleton and flat.

Grapes: 100% Viognier

Harvest: This usually takes place between late August and early September, slightly earlier than the physiological ripeness of the grapes, to enhance the varietal characteristics of the grape. This is exclusively manual and the harvested grapes arrive in the wine cellar still in crates, to ensure the greatest possible integrity of the grapes.

Vinification: The must is obtained through a soft pressing process, which allows the extraction of the juice contained in the best part of the grape. Once clarified, 80% of the must is fermented at a controlled temperature in steel tanks to preserve, above all, the aromatic range of this vine (approximately 30 days) and to allow the yeasts to work better. Instead, 20% of the must undergoes fermentation and ageing for 6 months in barrels to give the wine more complex and sophisticated mineral notes thanks to the careful selection of woods.

Ageing: Once the fermentation of both masses is complete, the wine is stored for approximately 6 months in the tank and 6 months in barrels in the aforementioned percentages.

Refinement: Minimum 60 days in the bottle before sale.

Color: straw yellow with greenish hues

Bouquet: fruity and floral with mineral and honey notes.

Tasting: To the palate it can be summed up in three words, rich, savoury and lingering.

Serving temperature: 12°C